03/11/2023 23:55

Call for projects to participate in the ‘In Between’ conference on cultural mediation in Europe

About the event

The call is looking for projects that unite culture and mediation in their practice in a transversal way and through the involvement of different citizen groups. The projects can be independent or public institutions, initiatives that are currently active or experiences that have already been completed and can share their learning and good practices.

In total, four projects will be selected to participate in the round table ‘Overview of mediation’, and will receive 200 euros in honoraria and 150 euros to cover travel, hotel and meal expenses.

Among the main requirements for selection are:

  • Projects must be available for the dates and times of the event.
  • Projects must have a track record of at least 2 years in this field.

It will be positively valued:

  • To have public documentation available for consultation.
  • Be part of European networks linked to culture and/or citizen participation.
  • Work with communities that are under-represented in the public space.
  • It will be valued that the initiatives contemplate issues linked to feminism, LGTBIQ+ rights, environmentalism or anti-racism; and that their practice is related to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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