About us

In Between was born as a meeting space between agents, groups and institutions that wish to explore the potential of artistic and cultural mediation. More and more cultural practices are betting on mediation as an exercise from which to plot complicities with other communities, with which to weave together bonds of encounter and thus explore ways of doing collectively.

In Between aims to delve deeper into the scope of community and participatory processes, as well as to achieve a reference space for the exchange of knowledge. At the same time, the aim is to develop conferences and publications with which to show the impact of these processes in promoting and strengthening citizen agency.

This space was born with one objective: to become a reference space in Europe to place artistic and participatory mediation as a fundamental axis in cultural public policies. It is conceived as a mutant space that adapts and shapes according to possibilities. A path that will be organic depending on the future of the project.



Concomitentes is a non-profit association founded in June 2018 to promote the creation of artworks that engage with their social context. Concomitentes invites civil society groups to become the citizen-commissioners or “comitentes” of an artwork, and then accompanies them through the ensuing process of negotiation.

The underlying methodology was developed by the artist François Hers in 1990 and has had an enormous social and cultural impact wherever it has been implemented. Over the past 25 years, it has given rise to more than 500 projects in various European countries.


ZEMOS98 develops mediation processes that activate relationships between activists, artists, academics, foundations and public institutions. Their objective is to value political and cultural processes for social change. They work towards a culture of participation that fosters a critical citizenry with mainstream narratives. ZEMOS98 is a a cooperative that has been dedicated to cultural production and social research for more than twenty years.


Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, affiliated to the Fondation de France, was founded in 2010 in France, starting its work in Spain in 2014. It develops its activity transversally in both countries and focuses on welcoming, supporting, accompanying and connecting people with the will to look at and build the world in a different way through two lines of work: Sustainable Food and Citizen Art.
Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

To celebrate the 'Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union' and unite European citizens around common projects, an ambitious cultural and artistic program has been developed.

Proximity and territory are the words that guide the fundamental lines of this cultural program that will take place from July 1st to December 31st 2023, complementing the activities of the Spanish Presidency that will take place throughout the territory.

The ‘Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union’ is an opportunity to reflect, bring together and share the concept of Europe, the role that the European Union plays in our culture and how European citizens build the Europe of the future.

Among these supported proposals I is 'In Between. Cultural mediation to nurture inclusive communities', an initiative that will give visibility to Spain's in cultural mediation in Europe.